Palo Santo Incense

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8 Handmade 9" sticks by Sagrada Madre Incense


Lighting a palo santo ( holy wood ) incense stick is a sacred and purifying act. Palo Santo has been used by many ancient cultures for millennium to increase the feeling of calm and well-being, and attract positive, healing and harmonious energies to spaces and people who come in contact with its aroma.

Sagrada Madre is a family owned and operated brand. Started in Argentina by 3 siblings in 2018 with the goal of creating intentionally conscious products. Using sustainably harvested, ethically procured and directly sourced all natural ingredients. Each product is handmade with love! The goal of Sagrada Madre is not only to create excellent  products for everyday life and rituals, but also to give back. Give back to the earth and its inhabitants in every way possible. Sagrada Madre donates to various NGOs and animal rescues in Argentina. They also partner with our harvesters in Peru to replant Palo Santo trees and ensure they give back more than they take.