Poisonous Mushrooms Bandana

Poisonous Mushrooms Bandana

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Of the tens of thousands of known species of mushrooms, only about 1-2% are poisonous, and even fewer of those are deadly. We humans are just beginning to learn how smart our fungal friends are, though, so it may come as no surprise that many poisonous mushroom species look eerily similar to their edible counterparts. Here Berbo has collected some of their favorite of nature’s most beautiful but dangerous fungi creations. Berbo recommends that you feast with your eyes only.
Naturally dyed by hand with foraged and intentionally sourced plants and minerals. Shell Pink from quebracho rojo, Sunflower from fresh marigold, kamala, and tesu flowers. Screen printed in Los Angeles by Heavy Gel.
Soft, pre-washed 100% cotton

Approx. 21 x 21 inches

Printed with olive ink

Limited run of 30

Note: Each bandana is dyed by hand. Variations in color and pattern will occur with each piece. That’s what makes them so special.
If displaying on the wall, choose a shady area to avoid color fading. Some color transfer may be expected during initial wearing and washing.
Care instructions:
Hand wash separately cold
Air dry in the shade
Do not dry clean
Warm iron on reverse if needed

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