Premium Whisky Stones: Dark Granulite/Black Oak

Premium Whisky Stones: Dark Granulite/Black Oak

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Have your favorite amber spirits on the rocks...literally. ✨

One of the most sustainable & down right handsome whisky stone sets out there.

Four 940 million-year-old metamorphic stones from the region of St-Élie-de-Caxton, Qc, Canada. They come with a top-notch wood display. These stones come from the period of Earth when the Rodinia supercontinent was formed.

This stone is characteristic of a deep and finely crystalline black with some inclusions of Hornblende of a translucent dark green as well as bursts of bronze reflection. The extraction and manufacturing processes are all made in Canada by Lithologie. 

Due to their composition, these stones are more efficient to chill in the freezer than regular whisky stones. They are non-porous and don’t leave residue in your whisky glass like soapstone whisky stones. 

  • Rinse with water before using.
  • Set the whisky stones in the freezer dry for 30 minutes to freeze them.
  • Delicately place 2 to 3 stones in the bottom of a whisky glass. Then pour 2 to 3 oz of your favorite amber spirit.
  • Savor your favorite amber spirit without watering down your whisky on the rocks!

Made responsibly in Canada.