Recollect: The Fun Memory Challenge Game (FINAL SALE)

Recollect: The Fun Memory Challenge Game (FINAL SALE)


Boost your brain power and improve your memory while having hours of fun with RECOLLECT, the addictive memory challenge game by Pikkii.

Quick to learn and play, this brilliant family friendly game is great fun for both adults and kids.

Challenge your opponents’ memory, collect brain cells for correctly recalling the icons and gamble your brain cells to up the ante.

Packaged in a portable plastic-free box making it perfect for travelling, this addictive brain training game is both entertaining and brain boosting - what a great way to spend time with friends and family!

Box contains: 50 x icon cards, 40 x brain cell tokens, 1 x 10 minute timer, instructions.

Suitable for ages 4-104yrs, 2-6 players, 10 mins per game.