Rumbler Camp Shirt: Black

Rumbler Camp Shirt: Black

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Introduce a fresh vibe to your summer wardrobe! ✨

This stylish piece masterfully combines bold floral motifs with a playful dotted background, creating a striking visual impact. The camp collar, distinguished by its flat, bandless collar that creates an open neckline, first became popular in the 1950s in tropical areas like Cuba and the Caribbean. Its relaxed style was perfectly suited to the warm climate. Crafted from lightweight, breathable cotton fabric that was printed at a boutique digital print house, it uses a sustainable process that lessens environmental impact by reducing waste with no wastewater discharge. 

✦ Concealed button-down front chest pockets.

✦ Ingredients: 100% cotton.

✦ Single Release Item: No restock after it's sold out - 140 units made (# listed on inside label.)

✦ Machine washable.

✦ Made in NYC.