Small White Sage Smoke Cleansing Bundle

Small White Sage Smoke Cleansing Bundle

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Smoke cleanse away the negativity and stress with these sustainably, ethically harvested white sage bundles.

A member of the mint family, white sage is an aromatic evergreen shrub with tall woody stems and tiny white flowers that are a favorite food of bees. Salvia apiana is found wild in a specialized habitat consisting of sunny, arid slopes located in southern California and northwestern Mexico. Mountain Rose Herbs' white sage bundles are consciously collected with permission from private lands located in these areas.

White sage has been an important botanical for many indigenous cultures. For centuries, the plant was used in a variety of traditional methods including for its healthful qualities as well as in ceremonial use. Mountain Rose Herbs recognizes the long-established cultural and spiritual significance white sage holds for many tribes and the stewardship that has ensued for generations.

Also known as California white sage and greasewood, many prominent herbalists have suggested that enthusiasts consider growing their own white sage. This is a wonderful way to form a relationship with the plant while also growing your own personal supply. 

Smudging is a specific ceremony that is important to many Indigenous Peoples of America, and with respect and acknowledgment of that, Edge of Urge strives to not use Smudging to describe non-ceremonial smoke cleansing.

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