Source Crystal Water Bottle: Clear Quartz

Source Crystal Water Bottle: Clear Quartz

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This 16 ounce 100% natural crystal water bottle is an amazing way to supercharge your water with the healing properties of crystals.

  • 100% natural crystal
  • Glass with bamboo closures
  • Removable top and bottom for easy cleaning
  • 16 ounces
  • Comes with black neoprene for protection and keeps water cold

You can drink out of this beauty all day, but the longer the water sits in the bottle the more charged and mineralized it gets. So, we also recommend filling it up and letting it sit overnight. Then drink it first thing in the morning.

About Clear Crystal

Clear quartz is the gateway crystal for many folks just starting out on their journeys with healing stones. It's also referred to as the supreme gift of Mother Earth, so it's probably worth stocking up on one. Clear quartz is amplifying and clarifying, capable of activating all your chakras and perfect for using in a crystal grid as it levels up the healing power of the surrounding stones. It also calls in intellectual clarity and improves concentration and memory.