Star Gator Riso Print: 8.5 x 11

Star Gator Riso Print: 8.5 x 11


"Star Gator" (8.5 x11) risograph print, edition of 100. ✨

Made with Flourescent Pink, Yellow, Aqua and Black ink.

An original @CreepyMeat design, produced by Ms. Resgistration Studios in North Carolina. 

Wondering what a Risograph (Riso) print is?

We love hearing it straight from the maker! 👇

"Risography (a.k.a. riso) is the intersection of art and technology, both an aesthetic and a stencil-based printing process reminiscent of photocopying and traditional printmaking.

Risograph printing is imperfect and unpredictable. The stencil-based printing process can produce unique characteristics such as smudging, uneven ink coverage, misregistration, and tire/roller marks, as a result of multiple passes through the printer. This means each print is unique in its own way, and one of a kind!"