Sweet Dreams Bar

Sweet Dreams Bar


Drift into restful sleep with the Sweet Dreams bar!

L-Theanine is an amino acid that works with your brain chemistry to calm your nerves and enables relaxation. It's being studied for it's overprotective benefits, and research shows it can help with more restful sleep. Magnesium also promotes good sleep, and plays a key role in the body’s metabolic and stress-response system. Bamboo Silica is rich in immune boosting vitamins and minerals.

Promotes collagen for healthy hair, skin & nails. A light touch of lavender adds to the experience as you savor the fragrance and taste of each bite. The beauty of dark chocolate is that it gives you grounded energy, that for most, won't interfere with sleep. Enjoy the beauty sleep of your dreams - there's no more delicious way to enhance your rest.

Vegan. Sugar Free.

150 mg of Bamboo Silica (vegan collagen) per square.

Fair trade 80% dark chocolate.

Made in the USA.