The McCarren Recycled Cotton Tube Sock: Red

The McCarren Recycled Cotton Tube Sock: Red

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Upstate Stock has fallen head over heels for eco-cotton yarn so as you can imagine, they are trying to figure out how to cover themselves from head to toe! (literally.) So, they started exploring the idea of other garments, as well as the possibility of a product that can truly be enjoyed all year long.

Thankfully, some of US's friends in NC introduced us to a lovely little factory in Hickory & they got started on these socks right away. Just like their top selling eco-cotton watchcaps, these socks are made from recycled cotton & P.E.T. bottles.

Equipped with extra cushioned arch support & a OSFM stretch fit from sizes 8-12, these socks are ready for sport & leisure. The wide variety of colors to choose from makes it hard to pick just one while providing the perfect compliment to any outfit in your wardrobe.

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