The Moon Sign Guide

The Moon Sign Guide

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"Those with an interest in alternative forms of self-examination will find The Moon Sign Guide an engaging way to better understand themselves and others in their lives."

—Shelf Awareness

From Annabel Gat, the author of The Astrology of Love & Sex comes a fascinating guide that provides a deeper look at Moon signs‚ the zodiac signs the moon occupied at one's birth.

Most casual fans of astrology are familiar with their Sun sign, but your Moon sign is just as essential to your astrological profile. While the Sun sign symbolizes your ego and will, your Moon sign represents your inner world, your emotional landscape‚ your feelings, memories, and subconscious; your fears, needs, and desires.

Organized into twelve chapters, one for each Moon sign, The Moon Sign Guide details the characteristics and personality traits of each sign in relation to key aspects of life, including self-care, home, family, work, friendship, love, and compatibility. The book also includes a glimpse into progressed moons because as you age, your Moon sign changes, providing new emotional perspectives.

Illustrated throughout and packaged as a lovely hardcover with foil-stamping and gilded edges, The Moon Sign Guide is an invaluable reference for astrology enthusiasts of all levels and modern mystics looking to explore lunar energies and gain deeper insights into themselves and others. ✨

Measures 6 x 8", and has 208 pages.