Therapeutic Sprays 8oz (FINAL SALE)

Therapeutic Sprays 8oz (FINAL SALE)

Style: Slumber's Seduction
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Having a Spray to Utilize is one of our Most Favorite ways to gain the benefits of Essential Oils. Whether you are Spritzing yourself on the Way out the Door, Spraying a Space after a Deep Clean, adding a Subtle Aroma to your Linens before bed, or Spraying down a sick Home, Aromatic, Therapeutic Blends in a Spray Bottle are Undeniably Convenient & Absolutely Effective.

Concentrated Amounts of our Pure Essential Oil Aromas are Blended with a Natural Emulsifier to Provide you with a Thoroughly Blended Product that provides a Satiating Spritz with Every Use.  

Intentions are for Quality over Quantity. Highly Concentrated as Reflected in Pricing.

Slumber’s Seduction

Notes: Lavender, Ylang Ylang.
Description: Dry, Grounding.