Three Rivers Cuff: Obsidian

Three Rivers Cuff: Obsidian

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Bahgsu is honored to bring to life the love between their dear friends Emory and Trevor Hall in the form of a metal and stone jewel. 

What began as a chance meeting in India, their new men's and women's cuffs celebrate the joining of the two hearts, two lives, and two loves.

Bahgsu believes that love is about giving and receiving, so 10% of the proceeds go to the "Where the Rivers Meet" Foundation. A foundation started by the Hall's in support of the lives, cultural landscape and education of communities in Nepal and India. 

"WHERE THE RIVERS MEET" is engraved on the inside of the hand carved cuffs. 

Brass with obsidian inlay and 6.8 inches long. Fully adjustable and meant to be custom fit at home if need be.