Ultra Coffee: Dark

Ultra Coffee: Dark


Step 1: Pour a teaspoon.

Step 2. Stir into water, milk or alt milk.

Step 3: Enjoy!

A coffee concentrate perfect for caffeinating on the go! ☕✨

With Jot, mouthwatering, magical coffee is just a tablespoon away. Take your coffee black? Combine Jot with hot or cold water. Latte lover? Swap that water for whole, almond or oat milk. On a keto kick? Mix a little half and half with a shot of Jot. Feeling nostalgic? Add a spoon of Jot to grandma’s banana bread recipe. The possibilities are endless.

For those who enjoy the bolder things in life, Dark Ultra Coffee is perfectly suited to black coffee but adds a mesmerizing depth of flavor to lattes and cappuccinos as well. Its compelling blend of organic, fair trade coffees from Colombia and Sumatra, offers an assertive – but complex – flavor profile.

Sourced exclusively from premier farms located in South America, Central America, and Indonesia, with an emphasis on sourcing women's coffee (i.e. women-owned and/or majority women operated farms). It’s better for the planet, better for farmers and their communities, and better for you and your morning brew. 

Makes approximately 14 cups.