We Broke Up Tee

"Years ago I broke up with a pretty well-ish known dude in our weeeeeee town of Wilmington, NC. For a time...we were like peas in a pod, partners in crime, you know...always out together. Well, the day finally came when we decided to break up. That night I was having a drink with a friend when suddenly I was bombarded, from all angles, with "WHERE"S YOUR BOYFRIEND" questions. Aggravated, frustrated and 100% uninterested in talking about it - I ran back to my studio, at Edge of Urge, and on a blank t-shirt... with a Sharpie... I wrote...


For the rest of the night, NO MORE QUESTIONS WERE ASKED! Not only did it do all the talking, this tee scored me FREE DRINKS, HI-5's, and phone numbers on bar napkins!"

- Jessie Williams

(owner/designer/janitor EDGE OF URGE)


Made in the US and hand printed in NC! JW's original Sharpie handwriting!

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