Whipped Za'atar Honey

Whipped Za'atar Honey


Spreadable Za'atar Spiced Whipped Honey. Home Spice original Lebanese style za'atar mixed into whipped honey. The perfect accompaniment to cheese, toast, yogurt and all things where you'd usually add honey.  



Lebanese style Za'atar, made by hand in North Carolina. We didn't reinvent the wheel, but we did create a clean, wheat and filler free za'atar. Put it on everything.

Seriously, it pairs extremely well with lemon, olive oil, hummus, honey, yogurt, raw & roasted veggies, proteins, pasta, POPCORN, fruit and even vanilla ice cream! 
Bake with it, garnish with it, marinate with it!

Sweet or Savory!

GF, V, DF.

NET WT= 5.6 oz.(160 g). 

contains sesame.