White Plant Propagation Vessel: 8.5"

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Ceramic and glass handmade plant propagation vessels to result in the fastest most successful rooting and to be versatile. These plant rooting vessels can be used as a hydroponic vase, a glass bud or floral vase for living flowers, or as a stand for dry flowers.

They are minimal to showcase the plant cutting, have the ability to gather sun all the way around, and the ceramic base has a matte finish but is waterproof. The glass and ceramic are fused together and come as one piece.

With these vessels, you can quickly root houseplants you already have in your home, join a plant clipping swap, or our favorite - gather clippings from outdoors or friends and family who love to share. Grab a clipping of that rare monstera from your Aunt's collection and turn your house into an Instagram worthy plant hoarder's paradise!

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