Woah That H2O Hydrating Mask

Woah That H2O Hydrating Mask


Hydrates. Strengthens. Balances. ✨

This 2-step hydrating mask is perfect for those who have oily, dry, or combination skin. The mask is formulated to help provide the skin with extra moisture to quench any dry or dehydrated areas, retain the skin’s moisture levels by strengthening the skin barrier, and balance out oil production with proper hydration. 

The mask contains Jasmine Flower Extract which helps restore the skin’s moisture, providing the skin a dewy complexion. 

This mask is a 2-step hydration facial mask. Apply Step-1 to hydrate and prep the skin before following up with Step-2 nourishing sheet mask for that natural dewy glow!

✦ Made in South Korea.

✦ Cruelty-free. 💕