Unisexy North F*ckin' Carolina Tee: Grey

Unisexy North F*ckin' Carolina Tee: Grey


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Born and raised in NC, I have felt all the feels for my home state. Love, comfort, frustration, possibility, freedom, restraint, compassion, community...

I dreamed, as a teen, of moving away to a big city, where everything and everyone was “better” and “cooler”. You know, don’t a lot of us have this same dream growing up? In fact, I did move away for several years... only to come back. NC is such a vibrant, diverse and overwhelmingly beautiful state that I am DAMN PROUD to call home. It’s where I started my business 16 years ago. It’s where I met my husband and started a family. It’s where I dream about our future! It’s in my blood! In its honor, we made this t-shirt to represent its resilience and overall BADASSERY!

Wear it proud!

I know what you are thinking... “But I can’t get away with wearing a shirt with this language  EVERYWHERE I go” We got ya covered! We made a PG North Freakin' Carolina t-shirt and Dogwood version as well!

We're donating profits!

We are donating profits to Nourish N.C. These guys are truly making a difference in children’s lives and are true heroes in our community!!! They need us now, more than ever. Hurricane Florence really did a number on NC. When schools are out, that means that many children have no food until school is back in session. These guys make sure these children have access to nourishment, YEAR ROUND! I'm tearing up just writing this. 


Just to give you an idea on size: I (Jessie) am wearing a size small and my husband is wearing a Medium).

    • X-Small — 21"– 34"
    • Small — 34"– 37"
    • Medium — 38"– 41"
    • Large — 42"– 45"
    • X-Large — 46"– 49"
    • 2XL — 50"– 53"
    • 3XL — 54"– 61"