North Freakin' Carolina Tank: Cream/Rainbow (Pride Edition)

North Freakin' Carolina Tank: Cream/Rainbow (Pride Edition)


A Note from Jessie:

"Born and raised in NC, I have felt all the feels for my home state. Love, comfort, frustration, possibility, freedom, restraint, compassion, community...

As a teen, I dreamed of moving away to a big city where everything and everyone was “better” and “cooler.” You know, don’t a lot of us have this same dream growing up? In fact, I moved away for several years... only to return. NC is such a vibrant, diverse, and overwhelmingly beautiful state that I am DAMN PROUD to call home. It’s where I started my business 16 years ago. It’s where I met my husband and started a family. It’s where I dream about our future! It’s in my blood! We made this t-shirt in its honor to represent its resilience and overall BADASSERY! 

Wear it proud! 🌈