Sea Monkey Magic Castle

Sea Monkey Magic Castle

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Reef romance is a natural outgrowth of Sea Monkeys meeting in this enchanted castle. 💕✨

Bring your Sea Monkeys into a world of fantasy with a Magic Castle. The aquarium contains magnifier to closely view the environment. It includes a water purifier, instant live eggs, growth food, plasma iii, illustrated instructions, a feeding spoon and an aqua-leash. It is really easy to care for pets.

✦ Kit that contains a PMS plastic tank, food packet, water purifier and sea monkey eggs
✦ The tank needs to be filled with water to fill line
✦ Purifier packet must be added to the water to clean it for the sea monkeys
✦ Open and the Sea Monkey egg packet into the water
✦ The sea monkey eggs are a dry powder because of cryptobiosis, a state of suspended animation that occurs naturally in Sea-Monkeys in order to help them survive until ideal conditions appear.

Best suited for children 6+ years old.