Harnessing the power of the Hype Goose for good

The story of the Hype Goose from owner, Jessie:

"Surviving geese attacks as a tiny human was my warm-up for life’s absurdity. Flash forward to 2022, a dumpster fire of a day, and I stumble upon a gaggle of geese blocking my path. Did I turn back? (Almost🤣) But, for some reason, I decided to calmly and slowly walk through their feathery blockade while they threw shade with hisses, booty shakes and tongue flicks.

It was so damn funny, i almost peed my pants. Just what I needed in that moment! Now, these geese are my personal hype squad, blocking roads and hogging parking spaces. They're like my winged life coaches, reminding me to take a breath and conquer my day. So here's to spreading the gospel of hype geese – because when life gooses you, laugh and strut on!"

"Ever since I began sharing my goose escapade, people have flooded me with goose pics, each one a snapshot of shared smiles. Now, we're on a mission to amplify this joy. We've decided to channel the hype geese movement towards something deeply meaningful—supporting my Aunt Teresa, who's facing the daunting battle of ALS. Together, let's assemble a mighty flock of geese, not just to lift her spirits but to shine a light on ALS, spreading hope and cheer throughout our community. In the face of life's challenges, let the wings of kindness lift us higher."

xoxo, Jessie

You can now shop our Hype Goose collection and we will donate a portion of the proceeds from the collection to family impacted by ALS and ALS research. Shop here. 


More on Teresa

She is undoubtedly known as a trailblazer. Teresa is many things, from lead singer and guitarist in the Headless Chickens, to author, professor, mentor, founder & CEO, consultant, innovator, and kickass sales woman. But most of all she is a loving and caring mother, wife, sister, aunt and friend to so many of us. She has consistently put others needs above her own, and we can honestly say we have never seen Teresa ask for ANYTHING from ANYONE. Fueled by her relentless passion for making a significant impact, Teresa continually seeks to deploy her skills and creative ingenuity in projects that help lift others to their highest potential.


A Poem from Teresa:

neglect not
neglect not a simple stroll or the act of brushing your teeth or standing on your own 2 feet

neglect not throwing your arms around a loved one or shaking a hand. neglect not holding a hot toddy by an outdoor fire
neglect not spending alone time baking bread, dancing in your living room to your favorite tunes playing your guitar
neglect not pulling the covers around in your chili bedroom or the ease of a warm cuddle with your spouse. neglect not driving yourself anywhere for a mindfulness hike or a mindless retail therapy session
neglect not the cherished privacy of a hot shower or caring for your own bathroom needs neglect not tearless days on end creating happy adventure memories together with friends
neglect not the simple feelings of cleaning your own how's and putting things where you want them
neglect not the luxury of massaging rich lotions all over your body and face
never waste a moment or a day enjoying putting on your favorite heels or hoodies, picking up a sandwich or piece of pizza without it all spilling over the sweater your daughter just put on you to look nice for dinner
ALS is a cruel thief stealing these precious pleasures away from you. Constantly facing the perils of a future you hard to ignore when it's in your face from those who want to help plan for a seemingly inevitable future
the saddest hiding on your loved ones' faces crush against the heartstrings of all around us
neglect not reveling in today for planning for the future may change tomorrow
put the bucket lists of dos down and create the bucket lists of feels
neglect not the freedom of independence from total independence to total dependence


Learn and Donate

If you feel called to, please donate to Teresa and her ALS journey. A portion of the donations will also benefit ALS research through an organization called Target ALS.

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PBS Segment on Target ALS