Books for Adults

Below is a list of recommendations, a jumping off point towards creating a change in mindset and your reading list. EOU may stock these books, but we highly suggest you follow the links below to support various Black owned bookstores. Remember to leave reviews for the books you read, these authors voices are amplified when we share our connections and reflections to their books in person and online.

Books for Kiddos and Teens

Same rule as above, even though we carry these books at EOU, please follow the link and support a Black owned bookstore. These books are intended to support tiny ones on their journey to becoming anti-racists while creating more representation for kids.

TV & Film

A teeny tiny list of TV series and films showcasing Black experiences, lives, and stories. If you have never watched an Ava DuVernay or a Spike Lee film… then you should start your visual history there. Remember these lists are just jumping off points! This is NOT an expansive list by any means, just a place to begin and expand.

  • 4 Little Girls (Film)
  • 12 Years A Slave (Film)
  • 13th (Film)
  • 16 Shots (Film)
  • American Son (Film)
  • Chi-Raq (Film)
  • Dear White People (Series & Film)
  • Do the Right Thing (Film)
  • Fruitvale Station (Film)
  • I Am Not Your Negro (Film)
  • Insecure (Series)
  • (In)visible Portraits (Film)
  • Just Mercy (Film)
  • Malcolm X (Film)
  • Moonlight (Film)
  • Pose (Series)
  • The Hate U Give (Film)
  • Selma (Film)
  • Watchmen (Series)
  • When They See Us (Series)


Maybe listening is more your thing? Frist, consider a book from above in audiobook format. But also, check out these great podcasts that range from telling Black stories to discussing how we can continue to work towards sustainable change for future generations of BIPOC.

  • 1619
  • About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge
  • Blackbelt
  • Code Switch
  • Ear Hustle
  • Natal
  • Pod for the Cause
  • The Stoop 

NC History

Very brief examples of the neglected, ignored, and oppressed history of Black businesses, politicians, and North Carolinians. It is important to know the entrepreneurs who came before you and paved the way. Yet, most of these stories have been deleted or omitted from school textbooks. Here are only a few, geographically specific resources for both cities where our stores reside.



TedTalk Videos

Below is TedTalk’s dedication to telling Black stories and the Black experience. This playlist is intended to “help you understand racism in America”.

The Socialization and Comfortableness of Microaggressions by Andrea Boyle

Coming to Terms with Racism’s Inertia: Ancestral Accountability by Rachel Cargle

The Danger of a Single Story by Chimamanda Adichie


We would like to say a big thank you to our friend, Keva Kreeger for putting this resource guide together for us!

Written by Jessie W