Lotion Bar: Lavender Lemongrass

Lotion Bar: Lavender Lemongrass


A moisturizer to stand the test of time. Made with high-antioxidant, organic oils for the most effective sensitive-skin moisturizer yet. This formula seals in the good stuff without clogging pores. Looking for an Herbal Skin Food option with no lavender essential oil? We now offer it by request!! Please read important product description below, and how to leave the request in order notes! 


We do offer our signature Herbal Skin Food in "unscented" by request! Please note this product can have a strong oil smell because it is made with the highest quality  unrefined organic oils (like evening primrose and borage seed oil) that are rather pungent on their own. Many "unscented" products do carry a natural and sometimes pungent smell. Our favorite example of a product that is "unscented" but has a strong natural smell is vitamin C, notoriously given the loving nickname "hot dog water" in the skincare community. 

To request unscented: leave a note before check out (text box is at the bottom of your active cart)! Product ingredients are listed under the "ingredients" tab in this listing!