Avant Tee: Black

Avant Tee: Black

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Borrowing the term from Audi-speak, this shirt is a daily driver offering an ideal level of utility.

100% Cotton Fabric developed from North Carolina-grown cotton, then made, cut, sewn and dyed within a 5 mile radius in Los Angeles, California resulting in an incredibly small carbon footprint.

No need to stretch out your collar hanging your sunglasses, the larger pocket size securely holds your shades for those times you lean over (to tie your shoe, etc.). During the pandemic, I have found the pocket to be the perfect home for my face mask while driving/not wearing it. The bottom contour of the pocket wastes no space the same way a triangular pocket does. The pocket's size also perfectly accommodates your passport for convenient access at the gate.

The trim inside the neck is made from a soft cotton twill which has a pattern similar to a tire track making it a happy coincidence to say the least.

You may notice there are no logos on this shirt. The small grey tab on the lower left serves as the Signature Collection's branding. This material and color was created as a tribute to the lightweight door handles found in high-end Porsches - the king of understated performance.

These are a tailored fit. If you typically like your shirts to fit loose, it's recommended to size up one size.