Anywhere, Anywhere Medallion: Gold Plated, Thin Chain

Anywhere, Anywhere Medallion: Gold Plated, Thin Chain

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The Anywhere, Anywhere medallion is an exclusive ILIHC specialty: a collaboration with artist Emily Caulfield, this two-sided talisman is meant to inspire travel, in the physical or psychic realm. The hand drawn design signifies joy in the present moment, whether that be on a beautiful adventure or in the simple motions of a routine day. It protects and exhilarates, reminds the wearer that she is part of a network of lovers and travelers, and that people can go places larger than themselves. 

An infinite number of dreams, housed in a medallion, limitless potential and promise rendered in silver or brass: first, a forest of wildflowers, blooming ideas and hopes, dreams like vines growing and blossoming, no matter where she is this garden is with her, a maze of desires and secrets, varied and colorful, hers all. Then, to fly into the future, to teleport to any place, new or remembered, imagined or real, she can travel anywhere she wants to belong, or to be apart.

The collaboration piece with illustrator and artist Emily Caulfield @dearemilycaulfield

The Anywhere, Anywhere Medallion is gold plated with a gold filled chain 1" medallion on 20" chain.