Blame The Stars: A Very Good, Totally Accurate Collection of Astrological Advice

Blame The Stars: A Very Good, Totally Accurate Collection of Astrological Advice


Part surrealism, part humor, and part affectionate guidance, Blame the Stars is a wild adventure into a world of uniquely alternative zodiac signs. 💫

Welcome to the world of Horror Scoops: a weird and wonderful twist on classic zodiac signs. Meet passionate and wild Lemo (a.k.a. Leo), kind Lehbrah (Libra), steadfast Clopricrumb (Capricorn), Germini the Twrnnns (take two guesses), and others—signs which, although slightly silly, reveal more about us than we realize.

Part One dives deep into each sign, offering insightful tidbits and advice on love, life, and work (for example, if you’re an Arbys, consider a career as a Pie-Eating Competition Judge, a Horse Observer, or a Horse Observer Observer). Part Two details a year’s worth of sign-specific guidance, Scoop-holidays (like January 15, the Day of Remembrance for Fallen Houseplants), and journal prompts to spark deep introspection. Full of colorful illustrations from Scoops creator and accidental astrologer Heather Buchanan, lots of entertaining nonsense, and occasional sense-sense, Blame the Stars offers the ideal way to contemplate the mysteries of the universe (or have a giggle). 

Horoscope and astrology are deeply engrained in society. This modern divination book stands out as a playful and interactive option that will appeal to people who dig astrology but don't take it all too seriously (because life is serious enough).

Author Heather Buchanan has been creating and sharing her absurdist horoscopes for years to her hundreds of thousands of fans. This is the book those fans have been waiting for, capturing for the first time all the wild, insightful, colorful signs and observations they love in one volume.

There is a genuine feeling of joy behind the absurd, offbeat humor of this horoscope book. While some astrological-themed metaphysical books may be more serious, this one feels approachable, engaging, and just plain fun.