Cathedral Grove Perfume Oil 9 ml.

Cathedral Grove Perfume Oil 9 ml.


Stroll through the redwood forest every day with a 100% transparent fragrance made purely from plants. 🌿

In a valley below golden California hills, treetops comb through the thick oceanic fog, feeding the dripping redwood forest canopies of Cathedral Grove.

Bathing Culture blended 11 aromatic plants to compose a 100% natural perfume oil as layered and complex as the forest ecosystem that’s inspired them from the start.

✦ The very same scent blend that made Bathing Culture's Mind and Body Wash a cult favorite!

✦ 100% natural perfumery from plant essential oils and no synthetics.

✦ A multifaceted blend that evolves as your wear it, taking you from the canopies to the forest floor.

✦ Every ingredient used is in the ingredients list (unlike many other perfumes)

✦ Easy to bring with you for mid-day reapplication. 

✦ Hand-blended and bottled in San Francisco, CA.