Celestial Bodies Oracle + Learning Tool: Altar Size

Celestial Bodies Oracle + Learning Tool: Altar Size

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Recall the Hermetic phrase Quod est inferius, est sicut quod est superius—“as above so below.” Our lives, psyches, and cycles of being have forever been thought to mirror the movement of the bodies in the heavens, proof of the link between microcosm and macrocosm, human and cosmos. Astrology is our original science.

CELESTIAL BODIES will be unlike any other oracle deck on the market today, as it will completely cover the basics of astrology AND numerology with stunning visuals and thoroughly educational writings on:

~ Signs
~ Houses
~ Planets
~ Moon Phases
~ Eclipses
~ Retrogrades
~ Aspects (grand trine, conjunction, opposition etc)
~ Elements
~ The power of numbers
~ Associated stones/crystals/magick 
...and much more.

With this beautiful deck, you will not need any other material to learn + integrate your astrological knowledge for greater understanding of yourself and the universe at large. 

With this deck, you may read for yourself, for the current cosmic climate, and for others. Since there are crystal associations with each planet + sign, you can arm yourself with protection and evocation at will.  

The possibilities are as vast as the universe itself!

Product information:
  • 70 card oracle deck featuring artwork by Devany Amber Wolfe
  • cards edged in rainbow opalescence
  • accompanying guidebook written by an esteemed astrologer and numerologist, featuring light + shadow aspects, mantras, artwork descriptions, birth chart instructions, how to calculate numerology, example spreads and more
  • Altar size magnetic 'book' box with front opening