Dedtergent: Red Dakota 32 fl oz.

Dedtergent: Red Dakota 32 fl oz.


Made for clothes, sheets, intimates, delicates, and life, the 100% biodegradable, environmentally-conscious Dedtergent offers 60 washes, and can be used in the machine or for hand washing your items. ✨

✦ Notes of Gardenia, Amber, and Bergamot.

✦ Good for up to 60 washes.

✦ Container is made of refillable and recyclable aluminum.

How to use: Add 1/2-1 oz for small loads, 1-3 oz for medium loads, and 2-5 oz for large loads. Can add a bit more for a more fragrant wash. Recommended to use Dedcool's dryer sheets, or an unscented reusable dryer ball.