Game of Values x Arna Miller Illustration

Game of Values x Arna Miller Illustration


Explore the outer limits of space and time within your mind and create your future ✨

A self-reflection tool that increases awareness of your personal & group values. Arna Miller Illustration & Game of Values joined forces to create a fun and functional art project with added value.

It is a self-reflection tool with a myriad of creative uses and displays possibilities.

The 64 original artworks depict magic, mystery, humor, and more — including some classic favorites as well as never-before-seen designs. There are plenty of reptiles, cats, and unexpected creatures to stimulate your imagination, curiosity, and creativity.

The Game of Values guides you to better understand your motivations, choices, and behaviors and the values fueling them. Is it freedom, respect, curiosity, or maybe compersion?

Define your directions in life and enhance mutual understanding. It is an indispensable tool for trainers, coaches, teachers, managers, therapists, group leaders, social workers, and many more!

✦ Illustrated with love by Arna Miller and high-quality manufactured in Europe
✦ Contains 1 deck of 64 cards: 55 values cards (with Arna Miller illustrations), 4 instructions cards (recognizable by the designs inspired by vintage book covers), and 5 blank cards (with the free-falling crystals illustrations)
✦ More than a game - Game of Values is a reflection tool!
✦ 100% ecologically produced: FSC-certified paper, food-grade inks, and solar energy-powered production.

Find your core values and your favorite design, and combine them to make a unique decoration!
Play solo or with more people - discover their core values and bring more awareness to your life.