Go Ahead and Tell Em Brass Necklace: Pop Culture

Go Ahead and Tell Em Brass Necklace: Pop Culture


It's like your favorite song blasting on the radio, turning a mundane car ride into a dance party, or when you and your friends can't stop quoting your favorite movie lines because they just hit the spot every time. It’s all about bonding over shared obsessions with fictional characters or catchy tunes. And guess what? Now you can have these moments with you wherever you go! Get ready to sprinkle some joy into your life! 🎶✨

Hand-stamped brass hearts on 18" brass chain! Made to order! 

Or order a custom necklace with your very own words here!

If you would like a different chain length, please note the desired length at checkout.

Each piece is hand stamped to order on solid brass by human hands, so every letter's spacing and alignment is 100% unique to each piece. The only machine we use in our process is the one to polish your piece before we pack it up and send it out to your home.

Handmade in our Raleigh, NC studio!

Here's the scoop: our goodies are whipped up right here, so expect a dash of anticipation! Our custom creations get their groove once a week, so hang tight for your one-of-a-kind treasure! (We will get your treasures out as soon as they are made, but processing time is up to seven days)