Grief Is an Elephant

Grief Is an Elephant


An imaginative and heartfelt book that reminds us that there is no loss without love. 💫

When Grief first arrives, it is like an elephant so big that there is hardly room for anything else. But over time, Grief can become smaller and smaller-first a deer, then a fox, a mouse, and finally a flickering firefly in the darkness leading us down a path of loving remembrance.

This lyrical work is an empathetic and comforting balm for anyone who is experiencing grief, be it grieving the loss of a loved one or losses in the world around us. ✨

✦ The perennial themes of grief and sadness, as well as the graceful art style, make this perfect for anyone who is dealing with feelings of loss, whether that involves the loss of a loved one, grieving a pet, managing emotions during or after moving or being displaced, or responding to losses in a community or the larger world.

✦ The open-ended narrative covers grief in a way that is not directly related to death. Poignant and honest, this book is a resource for parents and caregivers looking for ways to talk to children about grief and other kinds of sadness.