Moon Phase Spring Pollinator Seed Planting Set

Moon Phase Spring Pollinator Seed Planting Set

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Grow, baby, grow! ✨

 ✦ Seed balls are an ancient technique for propagating plants that preserves and protects seeds while they germinate and grow roots. Each seed ball is handmade with recycled materials.

 ✦ Celebrate new beginnings with this special blend of spring specific pollinator-friendly seeds. Each one of these magical plants is sure to bring life and energy to your garden by stimulating interactions with nature's seed sowing specialists like insects and birds!

 ✦ Contains: recycled paper, clay, open pollinated seeds (calendula officinalis, baby's breath, candytuft, baby blue-eyes bluebell, california clover, white alyssum, purple cone flower).

📌 NOTE: Price listed is for ONE box--multiple pictured to show off the cute packaging!