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For whoever you call “Daddy”! 😉

Perfect for Fathers Day! We also know that not all “Daddy’s” are Fathers… 😛   

Handmade by the one and only Raleigh, NC artist Liz Kelly!

Her attention to detail, choice of color and form are out of this world!

No two are alike!

Bold Just like your morning coffee!

  • 4 finger handle (most hands) for a comfortable grip and a wide base to keep it grounded.

  • Grey hand dipped glaze with iron & dead stock kiln fired decals.

  • Dark brown stoneware clay fired above 2,000°F.

  • Approximate measurements: 14 oz capacity, 4“ height, 4” at widest point, 3.5” wide opening, 5.5” total width w/ handle, 13.5 oz weight.