Name that Bumhole Card Game

Name that Bumhole Card Game


Can you name the animal that the bumhole belongs to?

This is not your average picture quiz. Animals’ anuses are presented in flashcard format, and it's your job to name the animal that it belongs to and then answer the species-related trivia question.

It’s an easy card game to learn for a warm-up for your family games night. Alternatively, it’s a fantastic adult party game idea for a bachelor or bachelorette party.

You'll be surprised at the animals you’ll recognize just by taking a look at the lesser spotted part of their anatomy!

Some say toilet humor is the “butt” of all jokes. We say if it “cracks” you up, what does it matter?!?

  • 55 animal bums, trivia, and facts.
  • Includes dogs, cats, wild wolves, turkeys, and turtles.
  • It’s an educational flashcard game.
  • A great party game and an easy card game for family game nights!