Press-On Nail Kit: Master Color Block

Press-On Nail Kit: Master Color Block


Finger art for the modern muse ✨

Never Have I Ever's collab with artist Omotola!

In an exclusive collaboration with Chicago-based Omotola, the founder of Bon Femmes, infuses her artistic and curatorial flair into these nail designs. This series reflects a fusion of art, home decor, and beauty, embodying Omotola's diverse creativity and vision in each set.

Kit includes:
✦ 10 hand-made nails
✦ 1 tube of nail glue
✦ 2 sheets of 12 tabs of glue stickers
✦ 1 Cuticle stick
✦ 1 Alcohol Pad

Created with ❤️ in Queens, NY.

Never Have I Ever is an artist-focused press-on nail brand that merges exceptional nail art with licensed artwork through collaborations with talented artists. They aim to create an inclusive nail art community by integrating local artists' talents into unique, trendsetting designs, enabling bold self-expression.