Root Cause Analysis Polarized Sunglasses:Seawater/Green

Root Cause Analysis Polarized Sunglasses:Seawater/Green

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The Root Cause Analysis is a high-density acetate frame, which means it’s created from the good, expensive stuff. The time-tested aviator shape originates back to a date that the Internet is just not letting up that easily…but trust when they say, “timeless.” ✨

✦ Caddis proprietary polarized sunglass lenses enhance contrast and reduce 99.9% of glare without any digital screen distortion.

✦ A premium hard coating protects lenses, increasing durability and minimizing scratches.

✦ Lenses include a high-performance water, dirt, and grease-repellent coating for easy maintenance and superior optics.

✦ Premium, bio-based acetate frame with 3-barrel industrial hinges.

✦ Vintage-style large frame (frame width is 143mm, bridge width is 17mm.)