ROYGBIV Ring: Gold Plated

ROYGBIV Ring: Gold Plated


Rattling down the street in that gold Plymouth duster, tawny interior, our knees in knit bell bottoms lightly touching as we shout the lyrics at the tops of our lungs. Rambling on like wild roses, on our way to the show, exuberant in summer twilight, spilling out of the car, a party in the parking lot. Psychedelic, stained glass, a swirl of color, you could see the Billy’s Low Bar from outerspace, and that’s a little how we feel right now - light as air, untethered, infinite, and glowing.

Red Jasper - passion, and protection

Carnelian - energy and creativity

Yellow Aventurine - decisiveness and flow of creativity

Green Aventurine - prosperity and confidence

Aquamarine - emotional clarity

Lapis Lazuli - wisdom and self-expression

Amethyst - calmness and healing


Inside the ring band is a secret message to all wearers "Happy to be here" the I Like It Here Club mantra.