Self Esteem Tote Bag x Candyass

Self Esteem Tote Bag x Candyass


Prepare to strut the streets with a confidence level that's worth at least five cents! ✨

✦ Made with 100% Cotton

✦ Measures approximately 16 x 17"

✦ Whether you're carrying your groceries, your dreams, or a secret stash of compliments, this bag has got you covered in the most fabulous way possible

About the artist: 

Cary Leibowitz, often referred to as 'Candyass' is a neurotic and overly confident man who struggles with what came before him and what comes after—and will he ever catch up. With the premise that "I had to be honest about whatever I was doing" Leibowitz creates bold artworks rooted in the language of confessions of anxiety, declarations of victory, communiqué from personal revolutions and punch lines of phantom jokes.