Sparkle Mushroom Honey

Sparkle Mushroom Honey


Move over chocolate, adaptogens have a new best friend... drumroll please* ... sexy sparkle Mushroom Honey! šŸÆšŸ„ā€šŸŸ«āœØ

Nutrient-dense functional mushroom honey to help you regulate your mood, stay focused, and deliver overall well-being goodness. No more gritty residue or strong off-putting taste. Just smooth, sweet deliciousness. Plus, it's sparkly af!

Inspired by chefs' kitchens, the squeeze bottle is a breeze to use and virtually mess-free.

For a dose of daily magic, squeeze in your coffee before your morning meeting, on a charcuterie board, or in a craft drink for a quick boost of immunity and sharpened focus.

āœ¦ Dairy and gluten-free.

āœ¦ Ingredients: raw local honey, lion's mane, reishi, mica.