Squishy Hedgehog

Squishy Hedgehog


Living life on the HEDGE 🦔

This Squishy Hedgehog thinks he’s ferocious with his impressive quills, but don’t tell him that he’s really just a delightful, cute, squeezable ball.

That’s right, this 4-1/2" tall, soft rubber (TPR) hedgehog is not only adorable but also feels soft and squishy as it nestles in the palm of your hand. The perfect faux-fierce friend to get you through tough times. Not only can you hug his little pudgy body, but the look on his face is very reassuring.

    ✦ Squeezable Hedgehog
    ✦ 4-1/2" tall
    ✦ Made of soft rubber
    ✦ A huggable hedgie