Merry Jane: The CBD Solution Wellness Book

Merry Jane: The CBD Solution Wellness Book

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Launched by Snoop Dogg in 2015 and now with 300 million fans, Merry Jane ( is a cross-platform destination for the latest in cannabis culture. MERRY JANE?S THE CBD SOLUTION: WELLNESS is the first in their three-part series of CBD-focused books, exploring how CBD can be used to enhance physical and mental wellness.

The book features an authoritative breakdown of CBD research, answering common questions and debunking myths. Also included are recipes for bath oils, balms, tinctures, and more, as well as tips on using CBD to relieve everything from headaches and achy joints to stress and anxiety.

Packaged with bold, graphic photography and colorful illustrations, this book will attract CBD users and the canna-curious looking for new ways to supplement their health routines.

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