The Good Enough Guide to Better Living

The Good Enough Guide to Better Living


With an abundance of hilarious household tips, The Good Enough Guide to Better Living is a life-changing, timesaving, liberating guide to making the most out of doing the least at home.

Cleaning, cooking, errands—it’s never-ending. It’s dreary. It’s tedious. But only if you’re doing it wrong. With room-by-room advice, this is the ultimate bar-lowering guide to good enough living. Inside, you’ll find tips and tricks for prioritizing your life and keeping your home (and yourself) happy:

  • Substitutes for all those fancy utensils you don’t have
  • A guide to the least killable houseplants
  • Maximizing the use of the clothing chair

And so much more! By doing less, you too can live your dream life—or at least one that’s totally fine just the way it is. The best kind of self-improvement book, this anti-perfectionism guide gives you permission to give yourself a break while getting in some laughs!

✦ Hardcover, 156 pages.