Unisexy North F*ckin' Carolina Dogwood Tee: Cream/Red

Unisexy North F*ckin' Carolina Dogwood Tee: Cream/Red


North Carolina is more than a state; it's a vibe, y'all! ✨

This shirt is EOU's love letter to the state where the only thing better than the food is the company. From the hustle of Raleigh to the chill beaches of Wilmington--North Carolina has our heart. 

This shirt isn't just cotton; it's a tribute to every sunrise over the beaches of Wilmington and every midnight adventure in Raleigh. It's the heartbeat of a place where BBQ is practically a religion and sweet tea flows like a second language.

Whether you live here, or just visiting…

let the world know that you don't just love North Carolina; you adore North F*ckin' Carolina! ⚡️

✦ A revamp of our beloved NFC tees-- you asked, and we happily obliged! 

✦ Made of 100% soft cotton.

✦ Created by Edge of Urge and screen printed locally in Raleigh, NC.