Upcycled Towel Sunglasses Case: Pink

Upcycled Towel Sunglasses Case: Pink


Sunglasses case made from the remnants of towels from Picnicwear's regular collection. That's right—upcycling the scraps from Picnicwear upcycled goods—what could be more earth-friendly? ♻️✨

✦ Fully lined with vintage fabric, and the strapping on the side was sourced second-hand.

7" tall X 3.5" wide (aka will fit your jumbo 70s shades!)

✦ Made from (almost all) 100% cotton terry cloth - some of the towels used to blend with are around 15%-20% other fibers (like rayon or poly). 

✦ Created with 💚 in North Carolina, and made in NYC.

✦ Please note that these are all unique and one of a kind... multiple styles are pictured, but yours will ultimately be a delightful surprise.