Victor Borge Earrings: Gold Plated

Victor Borge Earrings: Gold Plated

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The inspiration: "He was always the main attraction that season in St. Croix, the pianist comedian, the comic pianist, and part-time magician, if you count how he charmed. We threw huge parties that spilled from the lawn down into the sand, guests drawn inevitably towards the water. The time we set up his piano on the beach, long tables set with china and gold-rimmed glasses and flamingo gravy boats, dinner on a hundred perfect plates. We sat before him like a garden in floral dresses, passing around bottles as he joked and played. We saw a pod of evening surfers and a real pod of dolphins that night, their silhouettes grooving with classical piano and a nonsense song sung on the wind out to sea."

✦ Made with love in Wilmington, NC.

✨ Recommended care for gold-plated pieces:

To prolong the life of your gold-plated pieces, it's recommended to remove your jewelry when doing the following:

swimming (chlorine and salt can affect plating over time), showering, or washing your hands

applying lotions, oils, perfumes, etc.

cleaning, especially with harsh chemicals

when having hair treated

Do not use jewelry cleaner on plated items. You can polish this piece with a damp cloth.