You're Purrfect Cat Sticker

You're Purrfect Cat Sticker


This sticker art is part of the Affectionate Animal series by Darling Illustrations. Each painting in this series is based on a vintage photograph of real people and is illustrated in watercolor and ink by Erin Darling, a queer illustrator who lives and works out of Tacoma, WA. ❤️

✦ Vinyl sticker that's dishwasher safe and weather resistant.

✦ Measures approximately 2.5 x 3.7 inches.

About the maker: Darling Illustrations shares queer stories of love, hope, and community through paintings, cards, stickers, art prints & zines. Erin Darling is the queer artist behind the Affectionate Animals series, turning vintage photographs of real people into heartfelt portraits of storybook-style animals. Erin lives and works out of Tacoma, WA, with her two kids and their fuzzy grey cat.