Continental Sportcoat: NOS Player Denim

Continental Sportcoat: NOS Player Denim

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This classic and versatile unstructured blazer is a part of Mister Freedom's “Continental” series, an unpretentious all-made-in-USA casual suiting concept. 

The pattern is derived from a French 1950s cotton khaki twill workcoat, pulled out of an old trunk belonging to a French postal worker. 

✦ Unstructured silhouette.
✦ Lightweight and soft, perfect traveling companion.
✦ High button front.
✦ Amber color corozo wood buttons.
✦ Half shoulder floating lining, 100% cotton NOS fancy woven stripe twill.
✦ Side hip pockets with flaps.
✦ Pocket openings reinforced on the inside.
✦ Contrast orange 100% cotton stitching, clean caballo flat-felled seam construction, green color “Sportsman” signature chain stitch on the inside. No open edges or overlock.
✦ Quality made in the USA.

The Mister Freedom® Continental Sportcoat comes raw/unwashed and will shrink to tagged size.

Follow the usual recommended initial method before wearing: cold soak for 30 minutes, spin dry, and line dry. Please refer to the sizing chart to determine which size works for you.

Care: Hand wash or machine wash unbuttoned on delicate, cold water with minimal environmentally friendly detergent. Line dry.


About the fabric: NOS 10.5 Oz. crosshatch denim twill, light indigo moss blue-green color, slubby weave of cotton-linen blend, with a 1960’s ‘sharkskin’-type sheen, milled in Europe.
Lining: NOS fancy woven stripe 100% cotton twill, milled in Europe.