Dad Grass Scented Candle

Dad Grass Scented Candle


Smells like a time and a place that we’ve never been, but aspire to visit. 

Think fresh & smoked cannabis, patchouli, sage, and vetiver. Cedar, oud, and sandalwood. Notes of lavender, charred clove, tonka, and diesel. Top notes of black tea leaves, black currant, and wild berries.

✦ Clean burns roughly 55+ hours with proper care.
✦ Handmade in Los Angeles. 

Scent profile nerd? Us too! Here's some info from the maker: 

"At the center is the classic Dad Grass cannabis scent, in all of its three glorious permutations: fresh, smoking (lit), smoked, wrapped in an earthy, herbal trio of redefined patchouli, sage, and vetiver. Silky, soulful sandalwood, cedar wood, and oud wood meld and combine to comprise the woody base. Classic and complex lavender, charred clove, diesel, and tonka give way to wafts of black tea leaves, ripe blackcurrant, and wild strawberry."